Made on October 29 2022

I, Derrick May, professional DJ, Music Producer, and owner of Transmat Records, am the subject of a smear campaign orchestrated by Michael James (referred to hereinafter as James, et al.) a former associate. This matter, ongoing since November 2019, includes cyberbullying and harassment tactics, adversely impacting my career, my professional artist friends and associates, and businesses interested in booking me. On previous advice of attorneys, I was advised to make no comment. 

James, et al. have, and continue to publish via social and other media outlets, anecdotes purporting me as a sexual predator, and dishonest record label owner. I have no current relationships with any of the parties of James, and have not for decades. 

Unfortunately, this smear campaign made it to promoters, venue owners and other DJs and music producers. Consequently, bookings were cancelled, and future booking negotiations stopped. 

PLEASE KNOW that I have never been arrested on any misdemeanor or felony arrest, nor charged, nor appeared at any deposition(s) nor been a defendant in any civil judgement(s.) I have always been available to the proper authorities having jurisdiction to investigate ANY allegation made against me. 

It is my hope that your confidence in me returns. 

Any questions or concerns, you may call me directly at (313) 502-6110 
Sierra Donaven, Consultant, Donaven Advisors, LLC., at (313) 682-4978 or 
Ms. Donaven is a retired Special Agent-Criminal Investigator of the U.S. Justice Department.

Sincerely yours,

Derrick May
Transmat Records